Philadelphia Solar Bi-Facial PV – 72 Cell – 370w Solar Panel

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  • Manufacturer: Philadelphia Solar
  • Power rating (Front side): 370 W
  • Power rating (Back side 5% – 30% extra power based on albedo light): +18.5 W to +111 W
  • Power rating (Total) from 388.5 W to 481 W
  • Frame color: Anodized aluminum
  • Number of cells: 72 cells
  • Frame Size: 40 mm
  • Cell Type: Grade A –Mono-Crystalline Silicon
  • Series:  1000/1500 V
  • Up to 85% Bi-Faciality Factor
  • ** Modules per pallet: 27

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Philadelphia Solar Bi-Facial PV – 72 Cell – 370w Solar Panel


  • Less degradation than standard modules
  • Positive power tolerance up to 5W extra output
  • Excellent low light performance
  • More power gain with same utilized area
  • PID resistant


  • Outstanding technical support
  • Pre and after sales-service
  • 12 years warranty on material and workmanship
  • 25 Years linear performance warranty
  • Customized mounting solutions


  • On-Grid Residential Roof-Tops
  • On-Grid Commercial/Industrial Roof-Tops
  • Off-Grid Systems (Including Lighting Systems)
  • Solar Power Plants
Electrical Characteristics360W365W370W375W380W
Open Circuit Voltage – Voc (V)48.0448.1248.3648.6348.9
Short Circuit Current – Isc (A)9.559.629.79.789.87
Maximum Power Voltage – Vmpp (V)39.9540.2540.640.8541.05
Maximum Power Current Impp (A)9.029.0719.129.189.25
Maximum Power – Pmax (W)360365370375380
Module Efficiency – (%)18.518.71919.219.5


Cell TypeGrade A – Mono-Crystalline Silicon (PERC) Bifacial 156.75×0.25—+ 156.75 mm

Cells per Module: 72

Module Dimensions (mm)1968 x 990 x 40

Front SurfaceAnti-Reflective Coated Tempered 3.2mm Glass
EncapsulantPID Free EVA
Back CoverTransparent Backsheet
FrameAnodized Aluminum
Junction BoxIP68, 3 Bypass Diodes
Cable and ConnectorMC4 interconnection / Cable length can be customized
Fire ClassificationSpread of flame : A / Burning brand : C
Electrical Characteristics with Different Read Side Power Gain

(Reference to 370 W front)

Backside Power Gain5%10%15%20%25%
Rated Maximum Power P max W388.5407.5425.5444462.5
Open Circiuit Voltage Voc48.3648.3648.448.448.4
Short Circuit Voltage Voc10.1910.6711.1611.6412.13
Short Circuit Current – ISC (A)40.5740.5740.640.640.6
Maximum Power Voltage – Vmpp (V)9.5810.0310.4910.9411.4
Maximum Power Current – Impp (A)19.9420.9221.8422.7924.74
Thermal CharacteristicsOperating Conditions
Voltage Temperature Coefficient (%/C)-0.3Maximum System Voltage – Vmax (V)1000/1500
Current Temperature Coefficient (%/C)0.05MaximumSeries Fuse (A)20
Power Temperature Coefficient (%/C)-0.38Operating Temperature Range (C)IEC: -40 + 85 /UL: -40 to + 90
NOCT (C)42 —+ 2Bifaciality Ratio75% —+5%
Product12 Years
Power Output12 Years; 91.5% of Power Output, 25 Years; 85% of Power Output


More about Bi-Facial Solar Panels

Bifacial Solar Panels are one among the foremost current item innovations within the PV business. Truth be told, not normal for the mono facial cells, bifacial cells are on two sides. In monofacial back surface field sun based cell, the rear surface is secured with aluminum.

In bifacial solar panel cell a framework in utilized, therefore the sun can reach the rear side. Bifaciality is characterized because the proportion of the rear side productivity to the front side effectiveness, estimated under standard test conditions (The Physics of Semiconductor Devices, 2017).

Dissimilar to the obscure back sheet that highlights on the mono facial solar array , they’re made with an easy back sheet or double laminated glass . Surrounded or frameless, bifacial boards are normally produced using monocrystalline cells, yet polycrystalline are often utilized also.

Focal points

  1. Bifacial solar panel modules offer some special preferences over customary sun powered boards:
  2. Better execution at comparable undertaking size, more creation at a scarcely higher establishment cost, so LCOE lessens.
  3. Advancement for ventures on destinations with high albedo (deserts with sand, white rooftops, rock … ) Cooperative energy between back confronting introduction and improved ventilation
  4. Stylish intrigue (hindrances, overhangs, pergolas, brise-soleil … )

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