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Battery Management System MIUSA-BMSLV

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MIUSA-BMSLV Battery Management Systems are designed to enable multiple system implementation options and advanced command and control ability. MIUSA-BMSLV is compatible with U27-12XP battery modules


– Monitoring, temperature, voltage, current, SOC status
– MIUSA-BMSLV can manage multiple battery modules
– CANbus communications for control and management
Digital and analog I/O
– Correct Battery balance control for one or more modules
– Control of up to 4 contactors
– System ground isolation verification
– Sleep mode when key signal ‘OFF’

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Battery Management System (BMS) MIUSA-BMSLV is an electronic system that manages a chargeable battery (cell, battery pack battery modules) by monitoring its state, control its load surroundings and charge-balancing the system, permitting an adaptive rechargeable protocol which will accommodate a range of assorted battery types, including Valence Battery U27-12XP with dynamic adjustment of the protocol to eliminate issues of overcharging, undercharging and having a mixture of previous and new batteries variable levels of output voltage levels mixed and combined within the field to satisfy demands. Battery Management System is actually the “brain” of an electric battery pack or Valence battery modules; it measures and reports crucial info for the operation of the battery and conjointly additionally protects the battery from injury in an exceedingly wide selection of operational conditions. the one most vital function that electric battery management system performs is cell protection.

Advanced Battery Management System Applications

– Supports numerous Lithium-Ion chemistry variations
– Permits partly discharged batteries to be combined
– Provides correct and safe call balance to avoid overcharging
– Defective batteries switched out automatically

Battery Packs and Cell equalization

MIUSA-BMSLV Technology incorporated into the MIUSA-BMSLV can improve the charging efficiency, extend the helpful life, and increase overall capability of rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery packs through a principle referred to as cell equalization.

Lithium ion battery cells have 2 essential design issues; if you overcharge them you’ll harm them and cause heating and even explosion or flame thus it is vital to own MIUSA-BMSLV Battery Management to supply over voltage protection. lithium ion cells may also be broken if they are discharged below a particular threshold, roughly 5 percent of total capability. If the cells are discharged below this threshold their capability will become permanently reduced.

To ensure a battery’s charge does not go higher than or below its limits, MIUSA-BMSLV Battery Management System includes a safeguard device known as a dedicated Lithium-ion protector. Each battery protection circuit has electronic switches used to switch electronic signals on or off in a circuit. Battery Management System MIUSA-BMSLV includes a Discharge and Charge practicality.

The second most vital function performed by MIUSA-BMSLV Battery Management System is energy management. an honest example of energy management is your iPhone/Android battery’s meter. Most smart Phones nowadays aren’t solely ready to tell you how much charge is left within the battery however also what your rate of consumption is and the way a lot of time you will have left to use the device before the battery has to be recharged. So, in sensible terms, energy management is incredibly vital in transportable electronic devices.

MIUSA-BMSLV Battery Management System tracks this capability. This state of charge is communicated to the user electronically or through a state of charge display (SOLD SEPARATELY, AVAILABLE Q4 2020) where you press a button associated an light-emitting diode display offers you a sign of the overall charge in increments. Battery Management systems for lithium-ion cells, the perfect charging formula is constant current and constant voltage.

Valence Battery pack or battery modules sometimes consists of many individual cells that work along together. Ideally, all the cells in a battery pack should be kept at a similar state of charge. If the cells exit of balance, individual cells will get stressed and result in premature charge termination and a reduction in the overall cycle lifetime of the battery. The cell balancers of the battery management system, extend the lifetime of the battery by preventing this imbalance of charge in individual cells from occurring.

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