Copper Wire – 00 Gauge / Double Ought – 17″ to 19″


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Generator Cable

Trystar Copper Wire 00 Gauge / Double Ought Cable is designed to elevate the maximum amount of strength throughout the best distances on site. It is constructed to authentic AWG requirements and complies with more than one listing corporation requirements. We follow an internal insulation layer in a contrasting color designed to alert you to cuts, nicks and excessive put on on the outer insulation jacket. Trystar single conductor Copper Wire power cable is handy in sizes ranging from 80-405A in a range of colors. We can also follow stripes and custom printing on each and every foot of your cable for protection and theft reduction. Our Copper Wire cable has earned its reputation for rugged reliability in the unforgiving world of rental and industrial applications.


Trystar brand UL (2000V) / C(UL) (600V) Listed Copper Wire 00 Gauge / Double Ought Cable is constructed with a 30 AWG. greater flexible Class K (ASTM-B) bare, annealed electrolytic copper. It is geared up with an introduced internal jacket for your safety. This separator is extruded in a high contrast shade and utilized between the conductor and outer sheath for improved insulation, introduced flexibility, and permits you to without difficulty become aware of damage or wear. The Copper Wire outer jacket TYPE PPE (FT5) affords oil, water, acid, gas, ozone, resistance, flame retardant, sturdiness and extreme flexibility at all operating temperatures. Copper Wire, manufactured to (UL) and c(UL) preferred 1650, MSHA Listed, RoHS Compliant, and surpasses NEC four hundred requirements and can also be used in any software where Type W, G, or G-GC cable is used.


Copper Wire rope stranded copper conductor with a colored protection separator. Insulation is composed of water, acid, ozone and chemical resistant elastomer rubber compound.

Copper Wire designed to provide a safe and reliable connection from a power source (generator, utility, RV Battery Banks etc.) to a load (distribution panel, building, Solar, Battery Banks etc.).

2 Gauge Cable Documentation

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More about Copper Wire

Copper is employed during a range of applications, one among which is electrical wires. Whether it’s a power cable for a TV, computer, kitchen equipment or development tool, it’s altogether likelihood made from copper. Featuring the atomic quantity 29, this red-brown metallic has end up to be indispensable to our day-to-day life through assisting energy countless devices. But copper isn’t the sole fabric which will transmit electricity, so why is it desired for creating electrical wires?
High Conductivity

Surpassed only with the help of silver, copper may be a noticeably conductive metal. This ability electricity can travel by thru it with larger ease, making it ideal to be used in electrical wires. Companies can use other conductive metals to make electrical wires. Unless they use silver, though, the high conductivity houses of copper enable for a better distance of electrical present day travel. Companies can create longer, higher performing electrical wires the utilization of copper as an alternate of most other conductive metals.

Copper is additionally extraordinarily inexpensive when in contrast to other metals. Gold, for instance , is an exquisite conductor of electricity, however it expenses quite few instances quite copper. If groups used gold to manufacture electrical wires, they’d in fact waste money, as copper is more conductive and charges much but its purpose counterpart. This alone is cause enough to form copper the de-facto widespread for electrical wires.
High Ductility

Copper isn’t simply conductive; it’s additionally ductile. In other words, you’ll bend and flex copper — to a point — except it breaking or in the other case sustaining damage. Why is that this important? Well, electrical wires need to often tour through walls, floors, ceilings and other tight spaces. As a result, they’ll naturally bend and snake their way around the home or constructing during which they’re used. The ductile residences of copper allow copper electrical wires to bend and flex. They’ll still transmit electricity, and that they won’t lose any power energy from shape deformity.
Thermal Resistant

A advantage of copper electrical wires that’s regularly unnoticed is its thermal-resistant properties. consistent with ESFI, electrical fires are in charge of greater than 51,000 residential house fires within the us each 12 months — and that’s not accounting for commercial/business fires. Copper electrical wires are safer to use than wires made from most different conductive metals because they’re immune to heat.

As you’ll see, copper is that the desired metal for electrical wires for variety of reasons. it’s excessive electrical conductive; it’s inexpensive; it’s ductile; and it’s thermal resistant. This makes is that the universally commonplace popular for the manufacturing of electrical wires.


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