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Muller Industries USA

Industry leader in Green Energy and Transportation. We are dedicated to being the difference for the future of our next generations and our actions and decisions will reflect that. Let us show you how simple actions by everyone can have a big impact.

Muller Industries Battery Packs

Our packs are Made in USA to meet your specifications. Whether you are making a custom build, replacing an OEM battery, or you want to go into production we are here to suit your needs.

Reuse Battery Cycle

We offer reprocessed batteries at adjusted pricing to make sure that we get the most use out of these critical materials.

Fully Electric Trucks

Businesses that are trying to be not only sustainable but keep a tight leash on their fuel budget can make a difference by using electric trucks. Ask us for more details if you are interested.

Sustainably Power Your Sustainable Vehicle

Do you want to save even more money on your investment in an electric car? Ask us how!

Partnership with Speed Solar

We have made a great partnership with an American solar company that has the same feelings we do about making a difference.

Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Repair

Some OEMs have shut their doors or are just difficult or costly to receive help with your early generation vehicles. We are here to help. Vehicles serviced: Brammo, Nissan, Smith, etc.